‘HIGH SCORE 3’ by R G TAYLOR is the final chapter of the ‘HIGH SCORE’ trilogy.

R G TAYLOR’s ‘HIGH SCORE 3’ EP is the seventh release for WAXPLANT RECORDS! 

The original ‘HIGH SCORE’ EP, was the second release on ‘WAXPLANT RECORDS’ and R G TAYLOR’s debut EP. ‘HIGH SCORE’ landed in 2019, and ‘HIGH SCORE 2’ in 2020.

The three track EP continues the epic, film / TV score theme, featuring music in an orchestral, electronic style. 

The three songs included on ‘HIGH SCORE 3’ are – 

  • 1 – Downward
  • 2 – Pursuit
  • 3 – Infinite 

R G TAYLOR – ‘HIGH SCORE 3’ released Friday 21st April 2023! 

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R G TAYLOR - Downward

Track one, ‘Downward’ was written as a theme song for an imaginary TV show.

R G TAYLOR - Pursuit

The second track on the EP, ‘Pursuit’, was written as a chase scene for an imaginary action / adventure film.

R G TAYLOR - Infinite

‘Infinite’ the third and final track on the EP, and epic, sonic finale of the ‘HIGH SCORE’ trilogy, was scored along to a trailer for the epic ‘MARVEL’ motion picture ‘AVENGERS – Infinity War’. 

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